Working together to reduce the pollution of Kingston Harbour. 

1,312,644 kg waste
prevented from entering
Kingston Harbour
(March 2022- September 2023)


33,374 kg
with the help of:

1,864 volunteers at
13 cleanups 


680,550 kg

trapped by:
5 Interceptor Barriers-
D'Aguilar Gully, Tivoli Gully,
Kingston Pen Gully,
Barnes Gully and Rae Town Gully
+ excavation works for
Barrier maintenance.


453,463 kg

removed through intensive cleanups of legacy waste, in partnership with fishers from communities near the Harbour.

* Data Updated : September 2023
1 kilogram(kg) = 2.205 pounds (lb)


Kingston Harbour boasts significant ecological, economic and social value. It is connected to the entire city of Kingston by major and minor gullies which traverse the city. These gullies were designed to rapidly remove storm water and prevent flooding, however, they have now become a major source of pollution and degradation of the Harbour.1

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Major gullies and areas they drain (feeder areas). Source: Mona Geoinformatics Institute



The tremendous increase in solid waste pollution of the Kingston Harbour threatens to cause irreversible damage to the biodiversity, commercial activity and aesthetics of the entire Harbour ecosystem. The dominance of plastics and styrofoam in the environment negatively impacts marine animals, their habitats, and even humans.2

Plastics can also weather into microplastic debris -  tiny plastic particles which can further threaten the food chain. Studies have shown that the ingestion of microplastics by fish, crustaceans and invertebrates leads to reduced growth, reduced body size, and reduced performance. Globally, microplastics have been identified in a variety of commercial fish, shellfish and in humans.

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A vast expanse of solid waste lines the shoreline near the Kingston Pen Gully. Photo: Khristina Godfrey, GraceKennedy Foundation, taken June 18, 2022.

2 M. Webber, W. Henry, T. Christian. Clean Kingston Harbour: Pipe Dream or Pot of Gold?. GraceKennedy Foundation. 2019.

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